Monday, January 16, 2006

Its 2006!

So i need to blah somemore do i. well the year ended great, back on tract $ i think. Starting with good news did i say how much i like ebay? I was talking to my fellow co-workers about employment and as we talked i realized that after all these years with sunday shopping, most places only hire half time hrs to reduce employment costs does that seem fair or even cents. LoL I can be persuaded to leave my pc, just call i like board and card games too. Sorry if this seems dull, but the year has just begun. Well this is it, its late, my game is calling me.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Movie Madness

This will be very short and with horrible grammar errors, I am sorry. It may only be a pet peeve and not a true blog at all, but here it goes. There have been two examples of it in the last while, and has nothing to do with the actors themseves. The movies in question are Bat21 and The Longest Yard, both remakes and both hosting the star that appeared in the original yawn. The other movie trend i dislike and find most often fails at any humor is the big camo. Now what tends to be a hit and miss practice all the time is starring a new actor that has hit it big in all types of new movies in the works, why is that? I do have to admit that i enjoy such movies with simple story line or clever filming as Big Fish and Forget Paris.